Reaching your Goals

1. You are what you think. 2. To get it, You need to know who you are. 3. What you want and how to get it. Begin with a Vision 1. Write down the 3 most important goals of each. 2. Career, Family, Finance, Health and Fitness. Steps to Achieving your Goals 1. Decide what you want and write it down so you can see your progress. 2. Set a deadline for achieving your goal. 3. Make a list of everything that you will have to do to achieve that goal and than organize that list into a plan of action. 4. Take action on your plan immediately and don’t delay. 5. Do something everyday that moves you toward achieving your major goal and never allow an exception. Success is not an accident, Failure is not an accident. Your life is in your own hands. Stay away from people who are not supportive of what you are trying to do. Keep your focus on the prize. 1. Commitment – be obligated to what you say you’re going to do. 2. Completion – having the necessary tools in place to bring whatever you are working on to an end. 3. Closure – bringing whatever you set out to do to an end. Finalize it. It’s finished.