Everybody has had someone who has “done them wrong.” When some one hurts us, we want to hurt them back. We live with Anger and thoughts of Revenge. We want them to feel what we have felt. When the table turns, we make mistakes; we create pain for others, and we cannot understand why they do not or cannot forgive us. Perhaps it is because there is someone we need to forgive. Forgiveness frees us from pain of the past and moves us beyond our mistakes in the future. When we move beyond where we are, the past cannot follow. What you give you get. When you forgive, forgiveness is there for you, if you need it. I forgive everyone for everything, Totally and Unconditionally. Question: What is the true meaning of forgiveness? When I say, "I forgive," what am I saying? Answer: If you ever had your feelings hurt and you forgave the person for it, and, inside of you, you allowed them the chance to hurt your feelings again, then you really did forgive them. You entered into real, true forgiveness because you allowed them the opportunity to come back to you again. That's forgiveness. But if you remember who they were and what they said and what they did and the time they did it, and if you say you forgave them, you didn't. We don't really forgive when we still have the feeling of the memory of the hurt.